My approach

I offer a friendly, collaborative and empathetic environment where we can work together to explore your issues. I'm interested both in what you're experiencing now and how your past might be affecting it. 


My training and experience enable me to integrate theories and techniques to tailor counselling to your needs. My aim is to help you gain insight and identify internal and external resources to help create positive change.

I'm happy to chat on the phone and deal with any questions or concerns before you decide to book a session. At the initial session we can decide together what you would like to achieve from counselling and whether it is right for you. 

Sessions are weekly and 50 minutes long. I offer both short and longer term counselling depending on your needs.

Psychodynamic Counselling explores how past experience might be affecting us today. This can provide fascinating insight into why we react to things and behave in the way we do. It can help resolve deep-rooted feelings by exploring the defences we’ve constructed to keep those painful feelings at bay. It can help identify and change unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

Systemic Counselling is concerned with the system at work within family and couple relationships.
It helps each member understand the others better. This approach can open up new possibilities, providing different ways of viewing problems. It is useful for tackling unhelpful patterns that keep repeating and seem impossible to change.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is about how thoughts, feelings and behaviour influence each other in the present. It breaks down overwhelming problems into smaller parts and provides practical tools to help challenge negative thoughts and behaviours. Its ultimate aim is to lead to an improvement in the way we feel.


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a form of behavioural therapy that uses acceptance
and mindfulness strategies to help increase psychological flexibility. It advocates accepting negative thoughts and feelings to ensure they don’t swamp you. It promotes realising personal values and choosing a valued direction in which to take action and make positive changes.